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The reason why I deactivated was over personal matters. I won't deactivate again. I had to wait two days to reactivate and hope my crap wasn't deleted and thankfully it wasn't. Well I turned in my essay and I'm terrified to find out if I failed or not. Oh apparently my math teacher passed out at lunch yesterday and wasn't here today. My dad implied that he found out what happened earlier and I have to wait till he comes back. I wonder if it's bad or not. I had a weird dream I wrote a poem about Pikachu. I'm tempted to write it cause I kinda remember what it says. I have no idea why I would write a poem about him but still...  My favorite student teacher is leaving right before spring break to graduate. I hate how you get attached to someone then they leave, literally. That's all I have about school now I'll talk about my writing. I will start writing and hopefully make the new story "The Animal Inside" nicer and maybe rewrite chapter one and add more. Oh any fans of my fanfiction story "The Isolated Star" I won't be uploading on here anymore but on my fanfiction account I will be. It's mysticalwinterwolf my username on there xD. No Where Left To Run will be updated too. I'm working on three stories in other words xD. I also will be writing poetry and posting it on here! Oh on the bottom of my concerns I will still be editing Fallen Skies. Yes I know I update FS a lot. The thing is that I first wrote that story when I was in 7th grade and I wasn't the best writer back then... So since according to some people I have been improving so I have to update FS or I'll be embarrassed to watch it cause wow the plot was err... It's better now! I guarantee it! I'm just in other words cleaning up. Good God this is long sorry folks! But you know when a journal is long... It's important. That's it did now folks until next time!



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United States
Hi everyone! My name is Star I am a lot of things. I am a flutist, writer, reader, archer, astronomer, logical thinker, introvert, daydreamer, and lover of music. I am 15 and female. I'm just a human living whose trapped in this reality. Lost in her thoughts in another world wishing to be there instead of this reality. Goes to show you can't always get what you want just make the best of what you have. I like being alone and silence but I don't mind hanging out with friends either. Got something to say to me? Say it before it's too late. That's me for ya but there's more to the book then a quick summery.

My website (my great friend Anna gave me!)

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Dat webcam o3o~
Yeah it's so serious! I was listening to a sad song and got in a sad mood and picked that. I'm thinking about changing sometime though. O3o
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*taps on door* star are you there o^o ill just sit here and wait *sits*
*opens door* Kat?? KAT!! Hi! Sorry I was eating cookies *hands you cookie* want one??
kittykat1885X3 Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
psh YEAH oUo… behold new icons .U. i just need the links to the seprate pair and then ill give you dat link for yours .w.
We haven't talked in a long time ♥♥♥
BTW its :iconb-u-t-t:
h hi! Wow it's been ages! How are you?!
Im awesome how bout you?♥♥♥
I'm good! Got my permit recently :3
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