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Let's just run
Run away from everything and everyone around us
From the problems looming over that we never discuss 
Can we pretend just for a little while we have nothing to fear?

Let's run to safety and away from the toxic people
The ones who promised safety but only scare
They suffocate us and we need air
If only they knew

Run, run, run like we can run forever
We'll never stop
If we can never stop we can never be caught
Just this once we can be free

Can we pretend that we're untouchable?
Just like the white clouds that decorate the blue sky
They fly so high 
Maybe that's why people have their heads in the clouds

We're not untouchable but we can try
If we'e trapped we'll have to live in stress
The evil that'll make a mess
Let's go!

So just run
Run into the arms of safety 
It certainly hasn't been here lately
Just run
Just Run
I needed to write a poem ASAP or I'll loose my mind. There you go! I just wrote it in like a couple of minutes so sorry if something is off. Have a great day!

And just run
Merry Christmas fellow deviants! I hope you get everything you asked and didn't ask for!! :)
Your friend ships you with two different people and tells you to make fanfiction off of it...
Your friend ships you with two different people and tells you to make fanfiction off of it...
Remember that reader-insert I made "All The Little Things You Do?" Doctor x Reader?

I am seriously surprised at the feedback it's gotten and the faves. O.O

I should do more often!! :D I like writing reader inserts! Maybe I'll do those crazy reader inserts I mentioned before just because no one else has done them and it'll be a nice change in the reader-insert world...

Or not. I dunno.
Merry Christmas fellow deviants! I hope you get everything you asked and didn't ask for!! :)


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United States
I'm Star and welcome to my page! I am just an every day teenager trying to make good grades and survive school. I'm also a writer and fellow fanatic of very few things. I don't mind talking to people on here (even though I'm more anti-social than social). So feel free to ask me a question!

My website (A Christmas present from my great friend Anna!)

Places where you can find me……








-you are here

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